Best Places to Visit in Boswell BC

If you’re planning a vacation to Boswell, BC, there are many places you can visit. For example, you can explore the Glass Bottle House, which is made entirely of empty embalming fluid bottles. This unique structure is located near the Kootenay Lake region. During its construction, more than 500,000 bottles were used to construct the house.

Lockhart Beach Provincial Park

Lockhart Beach Provincial Park is a popular destination for outdoor activities. This park features 18 vehicle-accessible RV campsites and offers access to a number of hiking trails. Campers will find basic amenities like water taps and pit toilets. You can also rent a paddle boat or a small canoe. The only drawback is that there are no phone services available at the park. However, there are several resorts in the area that offer tourist services.

Lockhart Beach Provincial Park is located in Boswell, British Columbia. The town has a rich history in fruit farming. The town is known for its beautiful scenery, and there are several things to do in the town. Visitors can enjoy a day at the beach or head to nearby Lockhart Beach Provincial Park to see a spectacular view of the lake. During summertime, there are several local festivals and events that take place in the community. During the long weekend, Boswell hosts the Lady Grey Flower Show, and there are various other social functions hosted in the community hall. The Boswell Historical Society has also recently published a new edition of their history.

Glass Bottle House

David H. Brown built the Glass Bottle House in 1952 on the eastern shore of Kootenay Lake, near the rural town of Boswell, British Columbia. His odd whims and fancies led to the structure’s peculiar design.

This beautiful house is made of over half a million embalming fluid bottles. The Glass Bottle House is open seven days a week for paid tours from May to October. The structure is 48 feet long, 24 feet wide, and has 1,200 square feet of floor space. It’s also surrounded by a beautiful mountain stream.

The Glass Bottle House is a delightful cottage, with round rooms arranged in a cloverleaf pattern. It also has lush gardens, terraces, bridges, and pavilions. The structure was created using square bottles with glass ends and glass bricks. The glass bottle house is open seven days a week in the summer and is a unique place to visit.

Mini Fairytale Castle

If you want to see a glass castle, then you will want to make your way to Boswell, British Columbia. This glass-encased creation is an architectural marvel, set on the edge of Kootenay Lake. It was built in the 1950s by David H. Brown and features glass made from discarded embalming fluid bottles. The estate offers tours seven days a week and has a gift shop.

You can also visit the nearby Hobbiton, which is an enchanting movie set. This movie set was built for the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movie series. Visitors can tour this hobbit-sized village and visit the Green Dragon pub.

Glass Castle

Glass Castle is a unique creation that resembles a castle. It is located in the West Kootenays on the shore of Kootenay Lake near Boswell. It was constructed by David H. Brown, a former funeral director, as a private residence for his family. While the house was originally meant to be a private residence, it soon became an attraction for the local community.

The Glass Castle is a former historic landmark that was on the brink of demolition. The home is decorated with more than two hundred thousand square bottles, and the owner is a retired undertaker. His family maintained the house until the 1990s, when it was sold to a tourism business. It was then cleared for road expansion.

The Glass Castle is one of the best places to see in BOSWELL BC. It is made of over half a million embalming fluid bottles. It is open for paid tours from May to October. This glass structure weighs over 250 tons and is 48 feet long and 24 feet wide. The interior has an enchanted garden that is surrounded by a mountain stream.

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