Best Places to Visit in New Berlin, Germany

New Berlin is one of the most exciting cities in Europe. It’s home to many amazing landmarks, from the Tiergarten and Potsdamer Platz to the Fernsehturm and the Hohenzollern Crypt. If you’re traveling alone or with a group of friends, it’s easy to make plans to spend the day exploring the city.


For outdoor activities, Tiergarten is one of the best places to go in Berlin, Germany. This park features 17th century greenery, a large pond, and a biotope of marine plants. It’s also home to the Berlin Botanical Museum, which has a collection of two million plants and an extensive library.

The park was originally designed by Friedrich III, the Elector of Brandenburg and Duke of Prussia. It is one of the largest urban gardens in Germany. It was previously a royal hunting ground, but was turned into a park for the general population. Over the years, the park has undergone several redesigns and renovations. In the 19th century, it was transformed by Peter Joseph Lenne, one of Prussia’s most prominent landscape gardeners. He drew inspiration from English landscape gardens to create a beautiful park.

Visitors to Tiergarten can also take a walk along the park’s scenic paths. Visitors can see the Brandenburg Gate, an impressive symbol of German reunification. This impressive structure overlooks the western section of Tiergarten and is approximately 15 minutes away from the city centre.

Potsdamer Platz

Potsdamer Platz is an area off of Tiergarten in New Berlin, Germany, that is a prime business location and a public transport hub. It combines state-of-the-art architecture with real estate potential. It is also home to the Berlin International Film Festival, which moved its headquarters here in 2000. During the festival, the red carpet is laid for A-list celebrities, including movie stars. The square also features the Marlene Dietrich Platz, which is dedicated to the legendary actress.

During its heyday, Potsdamer Platz was a hub of activity and commerce. It was an ideal location for tourists and coachloads of visitors to explore the city. Many souvenir shops were situated in the area, and there was a platform that was popular with military and police personnel. This observation platform was eventually used by members of the public, as well as politicians and other leaders.

The Deutsche Kinemathek museum is also located on Potsdamer Platz. Nearby is the Boulevard der Stars, a celebrity walk that is similar to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. There is also the Theater am Potsdamer Platz, which is Berlin’s largest show stage. Another attraction in the area is the Potsdamer Platz Arkaden, which includes a casino and virtual reality lounge. It is also home to Berlin’s largest movie theater.


The Fernsehturm Berlin is one of the tallest structures in Europe, standing at 368 metres/1208 feet. It is nicknamed the “Spear on an Onion” by Berliners. The cross-shaped structure reflects light in a unique way and is an excellent viewing platform for the city. A trip to the tower is a worthwhile experience, and visitors can ride an elevator up the tower in about 40 seconds to reach the observation deck.

From the observation deck, visitors can get a view of the city and the surrounding areas from 203 meters (667 feet). The observation deck is open to the public and features a rotating Sphere Restaurant and Bar 203. If you’re a foodie, you can savor German cuisine at the restaurant’s rotating sphere restaurant or enjoy a drink at Bar 203.

In addition to the Fernsehturm, you can also see the New Church, which is 200 years old and has beautiful architecture. You can also enjoy a variety of markets and events in the area. The Konzert Haus is another place worth visiting, featuring world-class German music and theatre. Tickets can be booked online.

Hohenzollern Crypt

The Hohenzollern Crypt is located under the Cathedral of Berlin. It is one of the most important dynastic burial sites in Germany. The church contains 94 sarcophagi dating from the 16th to 20th centuries. These sarcophagi belonged to the Hohenzollern dynasty, which had its roots in the Holy Roman Empire and ruled over the Duchy of Prussia and the Kingdom of Prussia. The Hohenzollerns were also responsible for creating the German Empire, whose rulers included the realpolitik genius Otto von Bismarck.

The reconstruction of the church began in 1993, and the crypt was opened to visitors in 1999 after extensive renovations. Since then, it has welcomed more than 765,000 visitors. The crypt is remarkably small, but it still holds so much history. Because of the importance of its contents, it has been kept in low-lighting to create a somber atmosphere. Most of the coffins are identified by keys or numbers.

While the cathedral was once a Catholic church, it has changed its affiliation several times and is now known as the Evangelical Supreme Parish and Collegiate Church. It is located in the Mitte borough and is home to a matrimonial chapel, a baptismal chapel, and the Hohenzollern Crypt, a dynastic sepulcher.


Friedrichstadt-Palast is one of the most renowned theaters in the Mitte district of Berlin. It puts on spectacular shows and has a history dating back to the mid-19th century. A visit to Friedrichstadt-Palast is an unforgettable experience. The venue is the biggest theater in Europe, and it’s home to world-class artists. The theater has everything from death-defying acrobats to high-kicking showgirls. The theater also hosts international performers. Whether you’re looking for first-rate entertainment or just a conference venue, Friedrichstadt-Palast will surely please you.

Another great place to visit in New Berlin is the Treptower Park, which covers 207 acres of land. It is a beautiful place to spend the day, and you’ll find a wide variety of activities to enjoy here. You can also try your hand at escape rooms with different themes, or participate in a city-wide scavenger hunt.

You can also explore the Konigssee lake, which is considered Germany’s most beautiful Alpine lake. It often freezes over in winter and is covered in a haunting mist. You can take a boat or hike for six kilometers to reach it. In colder months, you can also try ice skating on the lake. While winter is cold, you’ll be able to enjoy the park and the snow-capped mountains surrounding it.

Botanical Garden

Despite its name, the Botanical Garden is not your typical botanical garden. Its aim is to represent the different regions of the world and contains greenhouses and gardens displaying a wide variety of plants. Its greenhouses feature delicate orchids and giant lily pads, and you can even view magnified structures of certain species.

Another great place to visit in New Berlin is the Zoo, which is famous for its breeding programs and authentic habitat for animals. It is home to many famous resident animals, including two giant pandas, a giraffe, and a group of African penguins. Another place to visit in New Berlin Germany is the Tierpark Berlin, which is located on 400 acres and contains nearly seven thousand animals. These animals belong to 846 species. The park is also home to an elephant breeding program and a large herd of muskox.

The Botanical Garden has medicinal plants, ponds, and a biotope that houses marine plants. If you’re traveling alone or with a loved one, a visit to the Botanical Garden is the perfect romantic activity in New Berlin during winter.

Old Palace

Old Palace is one of the most beautiful places in New Berlin. It is the largest palace in Berlin and is home to the largest collection of 18th century French paintings outside of France. You will also find one of the oldest porcelain collections in the world, which showcases the Chinoiserie style. Unfortunately, the collection was damaged during World War II, and the collection only contains about 2,700 pieces. You can take pictures inside the palace, but you must make sure to keep the flash off.

Other places to see in New Berlin include the Gethsemanekirche, a Neogothic church that served as a meeting place for leaders of the opposition against the GDR regime. You can also visit Mauerpark, a linear park that is home to a popular flea market on Sundays.

Another beautiful place to visit is the Glienicke Palace, a stunning palace on an island in the Spree River. This castle has classical elements inspired by Italian country homes, fountains, and a magnificent façade. It is also one of the best places to visit in New Germany.


If you are planning to visit the Reichstag, you must make a reservation in advance. It can get quite busy during holidays, high seasons, and weekends, so make sure you make your reservation as far in advance as possible. You can also make reservations on site, if there are any openings. The visitor’s service center is located adjacent to the Berlin Pavilion, across the street from the Reichstag. The center is open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. during winter, while the summer hours are 8 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The Reichstag is located near the Brandenburger Tor and the main railway station. It is also within easy reach of various memorials and museums. The Holocaust-Memorial is a memorial made of 2,711 concrete slabs designed by Peter Eisenman. Another memorial commemorates Sinti and Roma victims of National Socialism. There is also a circular pool in the middle of the building that contains a video that explains the history of the building and its significance in German society.

You can visit the Reichstag Dome during the day or at night, but remember that it is quite crowded during the summer months. Try to visit on weekdays or early in the morning, and you’ll find it much less crowded than during the daytime. The glass dome of the Reichstag is especially stunning at night and offers a magnificent view of the city’s skyline.

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