Places to See and Things to Do in New Lebanon, Massachusetts

There are many places to visit and things to do in New Lebanon. Here are some of them: Old Stone Barn, Tannery Pond, Brick Factory, Outdoor Farmers Market, and more. There are also plenty of outdoor activities to keep you busy.

Old Stone Barn

If you are looking for things to do in New Lebanon, Massachusetts, you may want to consider visiting Mount Lebanon Shaker Village, a historic site associated with the Shakers. This historic settlement is a good place to learn about the religious beliefs of the Shakers. It also contains a museum and the Old Stone Barn.

The Old Stone Barn is located near Town Hall, and marks the first known settlement in the area. It is also close to the Sassafrass Farm, Brick Factory, and Tannery Pond. In addition to being near Routes 20 and 22, Old Stone Barn is also accessible through Darrow Road.

A new master plan is underway to preserve the Great Stone Barn and restore the building to its original state. This will include the stabilization of the masonry walls and the creation of a museum and library within the building. The reconstructed building will feature miles of views of the Berkshires, Taconic Valley, and Mount Lebanon Shaker Village.

A living museum that portrays American rural life is part of the historic attractions in New Lebanon. The Mount Lebanon Museum and Library was founded in 1950 by a retired pharmaceutical executive named John Williams. During his time as a collector of old tools, he heard about the old stone barn at Mt. Lebanon and decided to purchase it. He worked with surviving Shaker communities in Hancock and Maine, and eventually built up the world’s largest collection of Shaker artifacts, including some that were over 100 years old.

The Great Stone Barn was reputed to be the largest stone barn in its day. Today, it is undergoing restoration after a 1972 fire. Visitors can learn about the Shaker dairy practices through guided tours. Another exciting venture in town is Behold! New Lebanon, which features a historical museum and a new shopping complex.

Tannery Pond

If you love music, don’t miss a concert at the renowned Tannery Pond concert series. This 26-year-old series is held in a former barn that was built by the Shakers in 1834. It is part of the campus of the Darrow School, the only school in the country that sits on the site of a historic Shaker village. This venue features acoustics as enchanting as its music.

Visitors to Tannery Pond can enjoy world-class classical music concerts. The area also features a Corkscrew rail trail, which connects Mount Lebanon with Tannery Pond. The Shaker Museum and Theater Barn, which host musicals and plays throughout the summer, are other attractions that are worth visiting. Jessie Norman, the first executive director of the Tannery Pond Concerts, grew up singing in the living room of her family and was a popular performer.

The Old Stone Barn is another historical landmark in New Lebanon. It marks the site of the first known settlers in the area and is located near Route 22 and the town’s Town Court. You can also visit the town’s historic Warm Springs house, which is on Darrow Road.

The Lebanon Area Historic District was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1986. You can also enjoy a farmers’ market on Lebanon Square when the weather permits. In addition to historical landmarks, New Lebanon is home to the country’s first pharmaceutical company. It used herbs grown in the area as its raw materials.

There are several great restaurants in the area, including the Blueberry Hill Market and Cafe. Both serve breakfast and lunch, and offer home-baked goods. You can also enjoy an Italian-inspired meal at Mario’s. This restaurant is celebrating 50 years in business, and the CIA-trained chef uses fresh local ingredients to create dishes. The restaurant can be crowded on weekends, so it is best to make a reservation before you visit.

Brick Factory

During World War II, New Lebanon Massachusetts was home to the Densmore Brick Company, which ceased brick production in 1974. Located near Lebanon High School, the company built beehive kilns to produce bricks. Today, the buildings are vacant, but you can still tour the site.

Outdoor Farmers Market

The Outdoor Farmers Market in New Lebanon, Massachusetts, is a weekly event that takes place on Sundays from June through October. The market is operated by Tilden Plaza and Meissner’s Auctions. Visitors can also enjoy a variety of entertainment during the summer months, including Music in the Park and a Community Picnic. The summer season also features two tag sales – the Library tag sale on Labor Day weekend and the Shatford Park tag sale the following week.

The Farmers Market offers organic produce and farm-raised meats and dairy products. The market accepts SNAP, Market Match, and WIC benefits, as well as credit cards and debit cards. It is located on Main Street, near Fisher’s Store. For convenience, the market also offers online ordering.

Shaker Swamp

If you’re looking for places to see and do in New Lebanon, Massachusetts, you may want to consider a trip to Shaker Swamp. This area is home to one of the largest collections of Shaker artifacts anywhere. The area was once a thriving community, and you can still find remnants of the Shakers’ lifestyle in the area.

The area is bounded by Routes 20 and 22 and is home to the Shaker Swamp. The Shaker Swamp has been the subject of a film produced by Ted Timreck, a filmmaker and researcher who lives in the town of Lebanon Springs. His film, ‘Medicinal Wetlands’, was released in 2009 and continues to be updated regularly.

The area is home to an incredibly diverse array of plant species. It’s believed that Shakers and Native Americans harvested these plants for medicinal purposes. There are hundreds of plant species in the area, and some species of plants are not native to the area. The inner parts of the Swamp remain untouched, much as they were hundreds of years ago. The area is also the site of the first commercial drug company in the United States.

Located near Mount Lebanon, Shaker Swamp has a rich history. The area was settled in 1787 and was home to eight different family groupings of Shakers. At the time of its settlement, the community had over 600 residents living in a 6,000-acre area. It is the oldest and largest Shaker community in the United States, and is protected as a National Historic Landmark.

The Heritage Walk at Hancock Shaker Village provides a fascinating glimpse into the history of the area. It includes discussions about the Shaker community’s history and how the landscape has changed over the years. The trail also includes stops at the North Family dwelling site, which was in use from 1821-1867. The hike is approximately 1.5 miles long and takes about one hour.

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