The Best Way to Organize Spices in Your Pantry

One of the first steps in organizing your spices is to decide where they will be stored. It’s best to have some space available on your counter, and to choose a cabinet or drawer with a large enough capacity to hold all your spices. If you have limited counter space, you may want to use a small cabinet or section of a larger one.

Organizing spices based on theme

Theme your spice cabinet by using decanted jars and custom labels. This will give your spices an Instagram or Pinterest worthy look. You can also use generic labels from Amazon. You can also write labels on the jars themselves with a sharpie pen or a piece of masking tape.

You can also organize your spices by cuisine. This will make it easier for you to find spices. For example, you can put Cajun cooking spices near the Asian spices. This way, you will find the most commonly used spices easily. Another option is to group your spices by theme.

Spices should be placed in jars labeled with the names of the spices. You can store them in deep drawers. If you do not have a deep drawer, you can put them on a tray with a lip. A tray makes it easy to pull out a single jar and put it in another. Another idea is to use a soda crate that can hold your spices horizontally or vertically.

If you do not have much counter space in your pantry, you can add wall-mounted spice racks. These are inexpensive and easy to install. Moreover, they let you organize your spices according to their type and cuisine. Also, you can utilize empty space beneath cabinets by adding hooks or choosing spice jars with hanging ability.

You can also use a tiered plastic organizer that expands to fit the entire width of the drawer. Tiered organizers are good for storing small items. You can also use stylish glass jars that can serve as decorative accents.

Using magnetic tins

If you have a small pantry or don’t have a lot of counter space, utilizing magnetic tins to store spices can be a great solution. These tins can be attached to your refrigerator, walls, or backsplash. They are very attractive and will also help you organize your pantry easily. Some people use old cookie tins to store their spices, and you can also find magnetic boards that come with jars for different types of spices.

Magnetic tins come with clear fronts, so you can see what you’re cooking with. They feature a removable lid with four holes for shaking spices and a large opening for pouring. The lids can be twisted backwards for easy access and won’t spill. You can even turn regular tins into magnetic tins by adding magnets to the lids. These neodymium magnets are easy to find in hardware or craft stores.

If you’re concerned about the appearance of your pantry, you can mount magnetic tins to the wall. A wall-mounted rack is another option for organizing spices. You’ll need a metal plate to hold it in place. If you’d prefer a magnetic rack, you can use Command strips to attach it to the wall. If you’re not too concerned with looks, you can also store your spices on a photo-box or a small box. This way, you can easily carry them to the meal prep station.

Another alternative for arranging spices in your pantry is using revolving trays. This is an attractive way to organize your spices. It lets you see the spices at a glance, making it easy to find the ones you need. You can also organize your spices alphabetically to make it easier to find the ones you’re looking for.

Using Lazy Susans

Using lazy Susans to organize your spices in your pantry is a great way to maximize storage space and make it easy to find specific spices. You can even get double-tiered ones to maximize the space in your tall cabinets. Plus, they look great on your countertops.

These organizers are also helpful when it comes to keeping similar spices organized. They can hold baking spices, herbs, and other similar spices together. You can even label them to make it easy to identify which spice is what. This can prevent a mess and help you save time.

You can use clear plastic storage to easily see what’s inside, but avoid adding visual clutter. You can organize your spices alphabetically, which is great for ease of access and efficiency. This can also help make them easier to find when guests visit. Once you have sorted them, you can easily return them to their proper places.

You can also use lazy Susans to organize your pots and pans. This way, you don’t have to bend over to look for the lids. This will save you time and keep your cabinets looking clean. Some lazy susans even have a lip to prevent spills.

Another great way to organize spices in your pantry is to use them as shelves under your kitchen cabinets. They can be stacked on top of additional storage bins for other pantry items. They look beautiful in your kitchen and make it easy to find the spices you need. You will also save space with these beautiful racks.

Lazy Susans are perfect for walk-in pantries and deep cabinet shelves. You can use them to corral things such as snacks, oils, vinegars, baking items, and jars. These organizers can also be used on countertops in your kitchen.

Using shelves

A shelf is a great way to organize your spices and other cooking essentials. It can hold one or several jars and is adjustable. It is easy to reach the spices and keeps the rest of your pantry clutter-free. The shelves can come in several different colors and are available in two or three-tier designs. These are the best options if you want easy access to all of your spices. However, they are not ideal for those who prefer wood or metal.

To keep your spices organized, start by decluttering them. Remove any jars or spices that are expired. Decluttering spices can reduce visual clutter and give the pantry a more organized appearance. Decanting isn’t necessary if you’re only storing spices for cooking purposes, but it can make them look more attractive.

Using shelves to organize spices in your pantry is a great way to make the most of the space you have. You can place them underneath your kitchen cabinets, or you can stack them on top of other storage bins. They not only look beautiful in your kitchen but also make it easier to access all the spices you need.

A lazy Susan is another great way to organize spices. It keeps them organized without the hassle of sifting through jars. It also keeps them at the ready. Another great idea is to use drawer dividers to divide up the space. If you are a home cook who flits from one cuisine to the other, a drawer divider can help you organize the space into more manageable portions.

Spices can also be stored in mason jars or other containers. Jars are more attractive than boxes and can make the spices organized and easy to find. Putting the most frequently used spices at the front and those that you rarely use at the back is best.

Using drawers

One way to organize your spices is to install a pull-out sliding shelf. These are available at most home improvement stores and online. They make it easy to find what you’re looking for, and are an ideal solution if you have a large spice collection. This method also keeps spices out of direct light and water, while still providing convenient access.

Another way to organize your spices is to use uniform containers. You can use jar sets with racks or stacking jars. Some jar sets even include chic labels. They also make storing spices easy. And if you’d like to save space, try out a mini mason jar with a chalkboard label.

Once you have your spices organized, you can choose the best way to use them. You can also group them by flavor profiles. By grouping them together, you’ll easily know when you should restock or toss. Seeing your spices all in one place also makes it easier to remember expiration dates and make quick decisions.

If you don’t have enough counter space, you can also use magnetic strips to organize your spices. These strips are especially useful for people with limited counter space. They also look sleek in your kitchen. In addition, some people use old cookie tins to organize their spices.

Another way to organize your spices is to use a glass spice jar. This way, you can keep duplicates separate while adding a functional design to your cabinets. Glass jars can be topped off with labels and add a luxe look to your pantry.

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