Things to Do in Prairie View, Texas

The city of Prairie View, Texas is located 30 miles northwest of Houston. It is easiest to travel by car, but the town also has an airport that offers flights to Houston. There are many fun activities for children and families in Prairie View. It is a historic college town that is a great place to visit with kids.

Gator Country

When you visit Gator Country in Prairie View, Texas, you will be able to get up close and personal with a variety of gators. You’ll be able to hold them, talk to them, and learn about their personalities. Many people only picture gators as dangerous monsters that bite humans or gobble up their food on a stick. A gator caretaker is also on hand to answer your questions.

You can purchase feed bags and hot dog packs or buy a season pass to support the care of the alligators. You can also see the two largest gators in the state at Gator Country. The park features live shows, feedings, and more. Although the facilities are enclosed with chain link, the park still retains a friendly, open-air feel.

Visitors can also take a swamp boat tour. During the gator season, the boat tours will allow you to get up close to the alligators. The boat tours will take you through Taylor Bayou, where you can view gators and other animals. There are also interactive exhibits and games for the kids.

During the day, the marsh looks dreamlike, and there are elusive birds and animals lurking in the dense vegetation. While some of the animals are nocturnal, you can also see a chocolate-brown nutria wandering down the nutria trail. A water snake slithering from the dense vegetation is another sight to behold. You can also spot evidence of gator dens, including gator trails and soil banks.

Gator Country in Prairie View, Texas is a must-see attraction for anyone who loves nature and gators. Located just northwest of Ford Park, this park is perfect for a family outing with the kids. There are many different ways to see gators, including watching a Facebook Live video. The video of their April hunt has been viewed more than four thousand times.

Prairie View Black Cowboy Association Rodeo

The Prairie View Black Cowboy Association Rodeo is the first rodeo of its kind in Texas. It is named after a historically black college and features Black cowboys in the competition. The association is composed of seven trail groups throughout the state. It has been in operation since 1957 and leads an annual 88-mile procession from Hempstead to Houston, signaling the start of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

The trail ride was started in 1957 to promote Black western heritage. It is 86 miles long and involves wagons and horseback riders. In 1989, around 250 riders took part. The rodeo is a way to celebrate the Black cowboy heritage and history. It also has an educational mission. It aims to teach inner-city kids about African-American history.

The rodeo is the first of its kind in Texas and is led by two founders – Myrtis Dightman, Sr. and Ronald Turner. Both men grew up in the shadow of famous bullriders and rodeo riders. The first Black cowboy to compete in the National Rodeo Finals was Dightman, Sr., who went on to become known as the Jackie Robinson of professional rodeo. In 2011, a bronze statue of Myrtis Dightman was dedicated in Crockett. The association also helps educate future Black cowboys through various horse riding safety courses.

The prairie view rodeo features black cowboys dating back to the early days of cattle-driving. The trail riders have won several awards during its 65-year history. In the 64th year of the event, the riders received the Division I Award and the Trail Ride Spirit Award.

The Prairie View Black Cowboy Association Rodeo celebrates the contributions made by African Americans, Hispanics, and Native Americans to the American rodeo industry. Thousands of people watch the event each year. Hundreds of cowboys participate in the event. The annual rodeo features a variety of events, from traditional cowboy games to professional competitions.

Various kid-friendly activities

For families visiting Prairie View, Texas, various kid-friendly activities abound. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing weekend by the water or a thrill-seeking adventure, there are several options for your entire family. For instance, you can check out the Arlington Museum of Bowling, which has several interactive games and mini bowling pins.

For families with small children, there are several parks, including Panther Creek Nature Park and Big Creek Park. You can also visit museums, including the Black Heritage Museum and the Prairie View Festival. There are also golf courses in the area, and the Prairie View A&M University Recreation Complex is a great place to get some exercise. And if you’re an animal lover, you can take your kids to the Prairie View A&M University Recreation Complex for some horseback riding fun.

Prairie View also has several museums that are ideal for young children. Its zoo has a number of different species, and the Trinity Forest Adventure Park offers an obstacle course that can be mastered in an hour. In addition, it has a virtual reality experience that lets parents see what it’s like to be in the animal kingdom.

The Children’s Museum of Houston is another place for families to go. Here, children can learn about physics, engineering, and other concepts. A variety of exhibits is available, including an indoor/outdoor display featuring the Flow Works, which explores water concepts.

Another great indoor activity is the Epic Waters water park. This 7,000-square-foot facility offers all-season fun with slides, lazy rivers, and an aquatic play structure. You can also spend some quality time in the arcade. The park also offers a full-service bar and private cabanas.

Historic college town

Prairie View, Texas, is home to a historically black public university, Prairie View A&M University. Founded in 1876, it is one of Texas’ two land-grant universities and the second-oldest public institution of higher learning in the state. Its unique architecture and storied past make it an interesting place to visit.

The town is overwhelmingly Black. The university’s enrollment hit a record of 9,500 students during the early voting schedule dispute. Former students recalled Allen as a dedicated public servant and an advocate for all. He currently works with low-income Dallas schoolchildren and is waiting to hear from law schools.

Prairie View A&M University was founded on a 1,388-acre plot of land that was once owned by Alta Vista Plantation. The widow of the plantation donated the land to the school board. The school opened its doors in 1876 to eight Black men and is the second oldest public institution of higher education in Texas.

Prairie View A&M has a rich history of activism and social justice. It was the first historically Black college to participate in a post-bowl game. The Prairie View Bowl was played in Texas from 1928 until 1962. The town’s history is intricately tied to the struggles of the nation’s black population.

The town has a diverse population. It was once the last seat of the Confederacy in Texas and is home to some of the best Black professionals in the country. The early voting schedule in Prairie View was unfair. Last year, the city commissioners court of Prairie View had a meeting five days before the election, while two other towns have 11 days.

Prairie View A&M University expanded its course offerings over the years. It added programs in agriculture, nursing, arts and sciences, and mechanical arts. It continued to grow over the years and eventually offered baccalaureate degrees and graduate programs in school administration, rural sociology, and more.

Prairie View A&M University was founded in 1878 and features more than eight intercollegiate sports teams. These teams compete in the NCAA Division I level. They are a charter member of the Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC). The college also offers a variety of intramural activities.

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