Things to Do in Shelbyville, Indiana

If you’re looking for some things to do in Shelbyville, Indiana, you’ve come to the right place. The city is located in Shelby County and serves as the county seat. Its population was 20,067 as of the 2020 census. The city is home to several different things to do, including the Go Ape Treetop Adventure, Linne’s Bakery & Cafe, Blue River Memorial Park, and The Strand Theatre.

Go Ape Treetop Adventure

Go Ape offers outdoor high ropes aerial adventures with a unique twist. You’ll experience 40-foot tree-to-tree crossings, super-long ziplines, and heart-pounding Tarzan swings. The two to three-hour experience is perfect for families, corporate outings, and team building.

Linne’s Bakery & Cafe

In Shelbyville, Indiana, you can find Linne’s Bakery & Cafe in the downtown area. This cafe serves a variety of homemade treats and has a quaint tea room. Guests can enjoy a four-course high tea, including a fresh fruit cup, finger sandwiches, scones with devonshire cream, and a sweet treat. The small space is comfortable and beautifully decorated.

Linne’s Bakery & Cafe is an award-winning bakery in Shelbyville. It has won several awards for its baked goods and was voted “Best Bakery in Indiana” in 2021. The bakery also offers takeout options and sells boxed donuts. In addition, Shelbyville is home to the Meridian Park Family Aquatic Center, Indiana’s first water complex.

Blue River Memorial Park

The Shelbyville Parks and Recreation Department wants to build an amphitheater in Blue River Memorial Park. However, the plans aren’t finalized yet, and there is no timeline. In the meantime, a berm is being constructed in the park that will serve as a huge seating area, should an amphitheater be built.

Jim Sleeth Sr., born and raised in Shelbyville, was an avid baseball fan. He made springtime pilgrimages to Vero Beach to watch the Dodgers play. After the war, Sleeth built a softball complex that could accommodate up to 360 people. Its bleachers had enough room for 220 cars, and it was a weekend fixture for 30 teams in local leagues.

The park is close to Walmart Supercenter and Triangle School. The park has plenty of green areas for families to enjoy. The park is also located near the Blue River Trail, which connects the east, north, and west side of Shelbyville. Eventually, the trail will connect to the Knauf Greenway and West-Side Connector.

The Strand Theatre

The Strand Theatre in Sheffield, Indiana is a historic performance center that offers floor and balcony seating. Visitors can experience live music or watch a stage production. The theater offers many different performances throughout the year. It is a great option for a night out with family or friends. This performance center is located in the center of downtown Sheffield.

The Strand Theatre opened in 1918. After years of operation, the theatre was upgraded to “talkies.” By the late 1960s, the theatre had become a popular film venue and changed its name to “The Strand.” Since then, the theater has hosted many live concerts and events featuring many different genres of music. Some of the most popular musical artists who have appeared at the theatre include Duke Ellington, Tracey Chapman, and New Kids on the Block. Other notable shows have included Phish, Public Enemy, and Til Tuesday.

The Strand Theatre was originally a one-screen theater. However, it was later converted into a two-screen theater. The theater was also renovated and expanded to accommodate more patrons. The lobby was expanded to a capacity of 400 seats, and the outside ticket booth was removed. In the late 1990s, it changed ownership again and was purchased by Cinema Associates.

The Strand Theatre was once considered defunct but has recently been rescued through the efforts of citizens and students in the surrounding community. The community rallied and has donated a significant amount of money to the cause. It is now the only theater in Noble County and the city of Kendallville.

Kendall’s Tavern

The history of Kendall’s Tavern in Shelbyville, Indiana, goes back many years. The building was built by Dillard Kendall, who sold two bottles of beer for a quarter. It was destroyed by fire in 1980, but was rebuilt in two weeks. Donald Kendall purchased the building from his father Dillard in the early 1970s. Don had worked for Dillard since he was a boy. After Don Kendall passed away in 2002, his daughter Angie Kendall inherited the property. Her plan was to turn the Kendall’s Tavern into an entertainment destination for Shelbyville. But, in 2008, when Indiana Grand made a stop in Shelbyville, she had to shut it down.

While you’re in Shelbyville, Indiana, you’ll find a number of local attractions worth visiting. These attractions include Willie Farkle’s, a local restaurant that serves American classics like burgers and pizzas. It also features table service and takeout, making it an excellent choice for a meal with family and friends. While you’re in Shelbyville, you can also enjoy the local waterslides at Meridian Park Family Aquatic Center.

The Strand Theatre, one of Shelbyville’s oldest theaters, is worth checking out. For the children, there’s a kids’ corner with wooden tracks, and an exhibition of Shelby County’s railroad system. For adults, there’s also a live band that takes requests and has a good sense of humor.

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